Uncover Your Secret Code to Success: Secret One of a Three Part Leadership Series

“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.” - Bill Gates

In the past few months, several of my online coaching clients have had dramatic breakthroughs that enabled them to overcome their personal barriers and live up to their potential. And these business-related breakthroughs, I’m happy to report, have left them stronger, more secure and much more comfortable in their own skin and with their lives. For example: An artist with whom I’ve been working is, for the very first time, simultaneous participating in a group show out of town and having her own one-person show nearby. A middle-manager overcame her fear of public speaking and participated in a panel discussion at a national convention where she met several new colleagues who are now helping her find promotion opportunities in her field. And, a client who has been struggling in a very difficult business setting has found a way to separate with dignity and respect and without guilt or fear. The secrets that led to these success stories are the same secrets that great leaders use constantly.

I assisted and guided these coaching clients in achieving their goals and opening up worlds of opportunity by helping them find their personal roadways to leadership success and to fulfilling their potentials and creating new opportunities. Research and empirical evidence show that it’s not always the most obvious qualities that make the best leaders. Sure, leaders should be open minded, goal directed, creative and communicative. But the best leaders, the ones who are respected and get the job done, have some special traits and work habits that extend beyond the obvious. That’s what my clients uncovered.

Here, and the next several posts, I will share a few of these secrets. And, if you want to learn more, discover more tricks of the leadership trade and learn how to apply them to make yourself the very best leader you can be, all you and I need to do is spend an hour or two online together. My coaching methods, especially Neuro Emotional Coaching®, will help you to unlock these secrets and you will find your avenue to success.

Secret Number One: Open Up Your World and the World Will Open Itself to You

Secret one is a surefire step to success, but it’s often a difficult one to take. It means letting go of your fears and making yourself vulnerable. It means preparing yourself to hear things that you’d rather not admit. It means digging deep and being honest with yourself and others.

The fact that you are open does not detract from the fact that you are a leader. By being open, welcoming others to contribute, allowing others to give you feedback and accepting and learning from that feedback, you will become a stronger and more respected leader. Being collaborative, rather than being domineering, is a key to success.

If you want to be successful, hone and grow your leadership skills, you must open yourself up to those around you. You cannot be afraid to be evaluated by those who work for you as well as to your colleagues and even your superiors. This process gives you great credibility and allows you to gain self-awareness, self-knowledge and self-actualization.

Be open. You have nothing to lose. Let people see and experience you. Share with them what’s going on and even share your doubts with them. Do this from a place not of weakness, but of strength. It amounts to asking for participation in a collaborative process.

Think about how difficult it is the first time you get involved in a 360 feedback evaluation (an anonymous online professional skill evaluation). I remember how scary that was the first time. I wondered if I would fail and was so terrified that people didn’t like me or would see me as a failure. Not a single one of those fears actualized of course. What I got instead was great insight into how a few tweaks and a little more patience would go a long way toward my future success. I learned to involve others in decision making and to listen better. Yes, initially I was afraid of what I would hear in the 360 degree feedback. But, I had nothing to fear and everything to gain.

Feedback from those around you does not have to be formal. For great leaders it happens every day. They act and from their actions they gain insight. They ask trusted people within their organizations what they may have done better and also what they did that was effective and constructive.

Secret Number One is this: Open yourself up. Don’t be afraid. Allow vulnerability within your strength. Be open to feedback. We all have blind spots. It is a welcome relief and a great help to future success if we allow those in our corner to help us identify our weaknesses and support our strengths. You will gain credibility and knowledge about yourself at the same time

Next post: Learn about Secret Number Two. In the meantime, ask for feedback. You’re likely to find that you are doing really well, a result that will give you more confidence to be a more effective and stronger leader.