Coaching Overview

The mission of CII is to assist companies and individuals from all over the world to manifest their goals, dreams, and passions. We utilize our unique approach to assist individuals and organizations manifest their maximum potential through the following services:

All of CII’s services incorporate Dr. Schwarck’s four-step interactive personal development model. The coaching will begin with you and where you are in relation to your goals. The goals you want to achieve will determine where to start with your coaching process. You may work on several steps or goals at the same time depending on the pace of your progress. We will challenge you to stretch past your comfort zone while recognizing your unique capabilities and needs.

At CII we will work with you to create inner alignment around your goals, a process that empowers you and moves all forces in the direction of your goal. When this process has been completed successfully, you will have the ability to coach yourself without the need for a coach. You will become your own “inner coach”.

What are you waiting for?

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"Barbara got my head ‘screwed on right again’ so that I am focused on the activities that matter. When I started with Barbara I was in a real funk. I was struggling with vision, with motivation, with direction. I couldn’t find a way to pull it all together. Sales were down close to 55%. After just two short months, the fog lifted. All of a sudden, I’m able to focus on the activities that are important. My business has turned around as well and our best year ever is in sight. Barbara provides great, practical advice both from a business and personal coaching perspective.”

- Michael Podobnik, President, Teletrix

"Barbara has a rare gift for helping people articulate the best side of themselves to the world. Supported by her contagious confidence, warmth, groundedness, optimism, and no-nonsense attitude, I’ve shed limiting patterns and beliefs, and harnessed the power within me to define and embody the exact kind of life I want to be living, both personally and professionally."

- Abby Bolton, Communications Specialist and Consultant, TiER1 Performance Solutions

"Through a combination of coaching conversations, NEC®, and her gentle pushing at the right times, I surfaced again, not just to my ‘old normal’ self but to a new and stronger me."

- Malene V, Maersk, Kopenhagen, Denmark

"I have been an executive coach for over 10 years and I consider Barbara Schwarck a 'coach's coach.' Barbara's unique use of coaching is a tremendously powerful way to create breakthroughs quickly, both personally and professionally."

- Dick Singer, Chair, Vistage International

"She pushed me to reach farther than I thought possible."

- Laura Fennimore, BN, MSN, Director of Organizational Development, Nursing Education & Research, UPMC Presbyterian