Why We’re Better

An Innovative Approach

Clear Intentions International goes beyond executive coaching to holistically developing people. You won’t find our patented approach, Neuro Emotional Coaching (NEC), at any other executive coaching firm.

The Professional is Personal

Our secret is that we understand the ways in which personal associations can limit professional aspirations. In other words, an emotional trigger (that you may not even know exists) could be keeping you from achieving your goals at work.

We help you to identify those allusive connections and neutralize your emotional responses, so that you not only want to achieve your goals – but you are actually ready, willing and able to do it.

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Results: The Best Version of You

Our process leaves you fundamentally re-wired, wholly aligned, and most of all – energized and ready for positive action.

Our clients experience tangible results, including:

  • Clarifying their vision and purpose
  • Gaining control of their professional and personal life
  • Eliminating fears, such as public speaking, and shedding the general fear of rejection or failure
  • Obtaining the courage and vision to strategically grow their businesses (and their bottom line) or pursue their entrepreneurial dream
  • Communicating confidently, clearly, and powerfully with people at all levels of the corporate and social hierarchy
  • Finding peace and improving their relationships with their family, their boss, negative past events and/or recurring anxious situations
  • Finally earning more money, landing a new job, getting organized, losing weight, meeting a life partner, and more…

How could your life and work be enhanced if you overcame your doubts and limitations?

Contact us today. The best version of yourself – driven by clarity of purpose, deep personal satisfaction, and unprecedented success – is just a breakthrough away.

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