What is Your Vision?

DreamYou Have a Dream.

Today, I want to help you create a vision for yourself. This vision can involve your professional or your personal life. Your vision may have one aspect or many. You may write down your vision or keep it in your head. You may define and reinforce your vision “Oprah Winfrey style” with a vision board (I call it Treasure Map) and pictures. Or, your vision could simply be in your mind as something you want to achieve or see in yourself. There are no rules to creating a vision except for understanding exactly what a vision is.

A vision is a wish, hope or dream that you create for yourself. It will help you understand how you define yourself as a person, either internally or vis-a-vis others.  A vision will provide you with the opportunity to look forward to achieving something in the future. A vision helps define who you want to be. To engage and reach your vision you will stretch yourself and believe in yourself and your ability to be what and who you want to be.

A vision starts with a vision statement:

  • I want to be married
  • I want to move to a warm climate and live by the sea
  • I want to be known for my contributions to charity and my community
  • I want to be a partner in my business
  • I want to be happy

A carefully crafted vision will help you define your objective and communicate it to others if it is not strictly personal. Your personal vision may be easy or difficult to define. Just because your vision is difficult to define does not mean it isn’t wonderful and legitimate. Actually, vision statements, since they are intended to be forward-looking, should be tough. If achieving your vision were easy, you probably would have done it already. So, take some time, meditate, use all the emotional intelligence you have and look inside yourself. That’s when your personal vision will click.

What is at the very core of a vision statement?

  • It is an inner or outer manifestation of your values
  • It defines your optimal objective
  • It provides a frame of reference between the present and the future
  • It reminds why you engage in hard work, internally and externally, to reach the desired outcome
  • It is inspirational

Remember, visions statements are aspirational.  Only if you look to the future will you keep moving forward.  Just as important, you must believe in yourself and your ability to achieve your personal vision in order to fulfill it.  Self-actualization happens when your beliefs, values and objectives are in harmony. Beliefs are generalizations that will help you with decision-making in what is certainly an ambiguous world.  The most important belief for achieving your vision is a belief in yourself. You must feel and internalize that you are able to reach for your personal star. You have to assert your strength, integrity and values to get you from the present to a rewarding future.

You might be a person who tends to self-limit, maybe by fear of the unknown, maybe by insecurity, maybe by guilt or outside obligations. Remember, when we find ourselves faced with a limitation, we have to ask whether it is self-imposed. And usually it is. As Buddha said, “We are what we think.”

If you think that you can do it, you are a hundred times more likely to achieve your vision than if you are filled with doubt or allow obstacles to stand in your way. You can become what you see in your future if you believe, and if your beliefs, values and desires are congruent with your vision.

And remember, you don’t have to go it alone. As you move into the next aspect of the journey, bear in mind that you may need the help, support or feedback of others.  I have found myself a sounding board, as well as spiritual and practical guide and coach for many people in a myriad of situations and with visions that are far ranging, some practical, some esoteric and personal. If you would like to explore your future, what will give you inner peace as time progresses and how to get there, please call me at Clear Intentions. I would be privileged to assist you in your journey.

Next time: Vision Statements in the Strategic Business Context

About The Author: Certified Executive Coach and CEO of Clear Intentions International, Dr. Barbara Schwarck coaches CEOs, leaders, and professionals to have profound breakthroughs around performance, personal satisfaction and change. She is the creator of Neuro Emotional Coaching® a cutting edge coaching tool rooted in neuroscience, emotional intelligence and its implication for leadership. She is also the author of From Intuition to Entrepreneurship: A Women’s Guide to Following Her Dream. If you are an executive or thought leader who is ready for a breakthrough, go to www.clearintentions.net.

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