Imagine… Freedom From What Hinders You

Neuro Emotional Coaching Intensives

Neuro Emotional Coaching Retreat

Take a moment now to imagine how it would feel to be completely free from the one thing (or several things) that are weighing you down – be it personally, professionally, mentally, physically, spiritually or all of the above.

How would it feel?

You would likely have healthier relationships with your friends and family and/or unprecedented success and empowerment in your career. Or, this issue may be so longstanding and deep-seeded for you that, right now, you can’t even imagine life without it!

You deserve to live your life un-tethered by limiting mindsets and behaviors, and in the way that supports, stimulates and rewards you.

What would it be worth to you to live the exact life you wish to lead?

Free Yourself, Once and for All

Do you have a persistent issue that you’ve worked to tackle with others before? Perhaps it disappears for a time, but resurfaces stronger than ever?

The only thing more impactful than using Neuro Emotional Coaching® (NEC) to shed your limitations and achieve your goals, is fast-tracking the NEC® process with a half-day or whole-day Intensive.

NEC Intensives

Private Deluxe Retreat Setting On The Upper Allegheny River

Intensives are the perfect forum to free yourself from whatever is holding you back once and for all – whether it’s a fear of public speaking, social anxiety, difficulty losing weight, career uncertainty, a difficult relationship, or anything else – and chart a course for an utterly rewarding life’s journey.

Our NEC® 4-step process provides the framework to explore and define who you are, what you want, what goals you need to reach to get there, and the action plan to make it happen. Learn more about NEC® and our 4-Step process.

Clear Intentions International’s CEO, Dr. Barbara Schwarck offers Intensives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, “America’s Most Livable City.” You’ll spend extended, one-on-one time with Barbara to explore, reflect, play, energize and work together to rid yourself of anything that isn’t supporting and promoting the person you want to be.

An Intensive with Barbara Provides…

  • The space, time, focus and opportunity to look deeply within yourself away from distractions and day-to-day responsibilities.
  • The tools to eliminate stubborn hang-ups, fears, memories and behaviors that weigh you down.
  • The structure to define the exact kind of life you want to be leading.
  • The insight and motivation and skills to proactively pursue the path to achieving it.
  • The support of a renowned coach to gracefully lead you through an inspiring, transformational experience.
  • Action plan to execute the goals.

Your Intensive Investment Includes:

  • A pre-intensive assessment to get to know your history, key patterns, strengths and weaknesses, values, vision and goals
  • A one-day (8 hours) or half-day (4 hours) intensive session with Barbara, including lunch and rejuvenating breaks to keep your mind, body and spirit energized.
  • A workbook with key tools to help you continue growing and pursuing your direction.
  • Email support to provide continued guidance and support as you pursue your new direction and face life’s challenges.
  • The opportunity to change your life, for the better, forever.
  • If applicable, clients are responsible for their hotel, airfare and transportation to and from Pittsburgh International Airport, or, for travel/hotel expenses to bring Barbara to your home city or town.

If you’re ready to take a deliberate, powerful, positive step toward manifesting the life that you want, we look forward to hearing from you. Contact us for more information and an application.

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