Client Testimonials

“Before, I didn’t have any confidence in my leadership skills. Now, I am clear that it is not my job as a leader to make everybody happy. Rather, It is my job to help them do their jobs well.

I’ve been working with Barbara for about 2 years. When I started, my organization was in the middle of a consolidation move. This led to additional responsibilities for me and I was advised to get coaching. I chose Barbara because of her no-nonsense, don’t beat-around-the-bush attitude. I’m a fast paced person so that fits my style.

When I started with Barbara, I really lacked confidence in my leadership abilities. Dealing with conflict was very uncomfortable to me. So rather than deal with it, I’d “step in and do”. This ravaged my time and I found myself working 24×7 or close to it. I didn’t realize it but I was not managing my stress. I wasn’t sleeping. I had no appetite. I lost 10 pounds. I was yelling at my kids.

In working with Barbara, I discovered that I’m a “pleaser”. I would do all of these things just to avoid a blow up. But now I’m OK with conflict. I no longer have to apologize. I’m no longer worried about being liked. I’m no longer worried about what they may or may not be saying behind my back. I can ask direct questions. I have much more peace of mind and I’ve become much more effective at leading.

– Angela Garcia, Operations Director for Global Links

Barbara got my head ‘screwed on right again’ so that I am focused on the activities that matter.

“I started getting coaching from Barbara about 4 months ago. I’m the president of a local technology company. When I started with Barbara I was in a real funk. I was struggling with vision, with motivation, with direction. I couldn’t find a way to pull it all together. Sales were down close to 55%.

After just two short months, the fog lifted. All of a sudden, I’m able to focus on the activities that are important. Both my wife and co-workers noticed the change in me. My business has turned around as well and our best year ever is in sight.

Barbara provides great, practical advice both from a business and personal coaching perspective.

Totally worth it!”

– Michael Podobnik, President, Teletrix

“I half jokingly say that Barbara saved my life. Having hit an all time low in my career, finding myself in a vicious circle of being over worked, overwhelmed, worn down, not delivering, loosing self confidence, working harder to regain my grounds etc., Barbara proved to be the just what I needed. Through a combination of coaching conversations, NEC® (a truly amazing experience!) and her gentle pushing at the right times I surfaced again, not just to my ‘old normal’ self but to a new and stronger me. More importantly, Barbara has equipped me with the insights and courage to prevent me from ever ending in the same situation again.”

-Malene V, Maersk, Kopenhagen, Denmark

“I was first introduced to Barabara Schwarck’s work on muscle memory as I was planning my hike up Mt. Kilamanjaro in Tanzania, Africa. My hope was that Dr. Schwarck might address my fear of heights which can leave me weak kneed when facing sharp drops. I was not sure what I would face on the 9 day climb, but chances are there would be some precarious situations. Though I must admit Dr. Schwarck’s work is beyond my comprehension, I am happy to report that when faced with a day of hand to hand climbing up a 850 steep wall, I did not face the familiar sensation of fear physically or mentally. Her guidance in setting a new focus to memory and thought and the assurance of my guides that I could achieve this feat enabled me to scale this wall. I did make it to the top of Kilamanjaro – over 19,200 feet high. Thank you Barbara for being part of my success story.”

– Frances Todd Stewart, Pittsburgh, Pa.

“Identifying goals, making plans to achieve them and addressing my important life issues that had lingered unresolved for years were among the top areas I worked on with Barbara. She is an active listener and pushed me to reach farther than I thought possible.”

– Laura Fennimore, BN, MSN, Director Organizational Development, Nursing Education & Research, UPMC Presbyterian

“I have been an executive coach for over 10 years and I consider Barbara Schwarck a ‘coach’s coach.’ Barbara’s unique use of coaching is a tremendously powerful way to create breakthroughs quickly, both personally and professionally. Leadership requires the ability to be both a mentor and a facilitator, and Barbara’s method enables you to develop those leadership traits in a way that moves you toward your goals faster and with more confidence.”

– Dick Singer, Chair, Vistage International

“Barbara has a rare gift for helping people articulate the best side of themselves to the world. Supported by her contagious confidence, warmth, groundedness, optimism, and no-nonsense attitude, I’ve shed limiting patterns and beliefs, and harnessed the power within me to define and embody the exact kind of life I want to be living, both personally and professionally.”

– Abby Bolton, Communications Specialist and Consultant, TiER1 Performance Solutions

“Without question, NEC was a major factor in helping me ‘get my game back.’ It really helped me to regain my confidence and put to bed some demons that I didn’t even know existed.”

– Matt Caiazza, Senior Consultant, The Meridian Group

“If you want to reach a higher level and have balance in every aspect of your life, then you must hear what Barbara has to say. She can size up your strengths, help you focus your time and energy, and quickly launch you to achieve whatever goals you set.”

– Lana Kontos, ND, Founder, Inspired By Wellness

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