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A New Extraordinarily Effective Approach To Executive Coaching and Leader Development

Simply put, the purpose of executive coaching is to build a leader’s capability to achieve their goals. Typical executive coaching is psychological in nature, conducted through interactions and conversation. There’s no doubt that executive coaching works – both the market and individual results bear that out.

However, the type of executive coaching that is offered by Clear Intentions differs from the norm. We employ a patented approach called Neuro Emotional Coaching (NEC)® which introduces neuroscience into the mix.
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Have you ever wondered why certain things come easy to you and not to others and vice versa? For example, for you it’s easy to speak in front of a crowd. Others might have some trepidation about that.


“Wiring”. Your brain is wired a certain way and that wiring dictates your behavior in all circumstances. How did it get wired this way? Genetics? Perhaps. But the good news is that the wiring is neither permanent nor unchangeable. However, without knowing why or how, there are factors that are keeping the current wiring held firmly in place.

Neuro Emotional Coaching steps in by locating the emotional triggers. These emotional triggers fire, causing an emotional response based on some association. In other words, you hear, see or otherwise sense something and you automatically have an emotional response. The emotional response is what keeps the wiring in place. However you probably don’t know that you have these emotional triggers because they are hidden in the background.

When you identify what the emotional triggers are, then you can neutralize the emotional response. And when you do that, you remove a large barrier between you and your goals and aspirations. With that out of the way, the traditional executive coaching can now have a much more dramatic effect.

There are four steps in the Neuro Emotional Coaching process.

The first step is called “Defining Yourself.” For this process to success, it’s critical to understand your own belief system. What do you think your strengths and weaknesses are? What is your value system? What does leadership mean to you? This may begin to expose emotional triggers already.

The next step is about “Clarifying Your Vision.” Here you start to clearly articulate what your ideal future would look like. You get to really paint a picture so that YOU are clear on where you are going.

From there, it is now possible to identify your specific goals that are consistent with that vision. These goals will be specific and measurable. But more importantly, these are goals that must inspire you to do and want more.

The final step is all about ACTION. Without action, nothing happens. So in this step we come up with actions that will result in achieving the goals that you specified in the 3rd step. We are there to support you and hold you accountable to taking the actions that you say you’re committed to.

Those four steps are an outline of what takes place. But during the conversations around these three steps, the specific line of questioning and the specific exercises that we have you perform will begin to reveal the emotional triggers that I mentioned before.

The process works reliably and produces lasting results that are achieved more quickly than traditional executive coaching.

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